Papers are expected to report an original contribution on a significant research topic related to process education as outlined in the aim and scope of the journal.

The submitted manuscript will be assessed by at least three reviewers. Reviewers for the journal will use the Strength, Improvement, and Insight (SII) assessment method, the official assessment adopted by the Academy to select the published manuscripts. The authors will receive the reviewers’ SII assessment of their manuscript at the end of the review process. The assessment of the manuscripts will be conducted according to the following two sets of criteria and established measures for each.

The first set of criteria concerns the document’s scholarly content and its contribution in one or more of the following ways:

  • Addresses issues relevant to Process Education philosophy and implementation
  • Employs Process Educational principles and methodologies
  • Presents an original contribution to Process Education knowledge map
  • Appeals to wide range of Process Educators
  • Expands upon relevant Process Education references and bodies of knowledge

The second set of criteria concerns the quality and presentation of the manuscript:  

  • Provide a clear, concise, and accurate representation
  • Use appropriate and well-defined terminology
  • Adhere to journal standards and style
  • Be self-contained and well integrated
  • Exhibit a high level of quality and attention to details
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