Process Educators

... trust and respect students and are willing to shift control of their learning to them. These educators want to see growth in others and strive to foster their own self-growth. They can handle change and are willing to innovate and experiment. Because assessment is the best way to improve performance, they enjoy it, seek it, and practice it.

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A New Look!

Welcome to the new Academy website. While the old site put in a lot of good years, it was time for a real update. We expect things to work smoothly (we've tested it pretty rigorously!), but just in case the dust hasn't cleared completely yet, we do appreciate your patience. Don't you just love that new website smell??

Workshop: The Accelerator Model

We invite all Academy members to register for the workshop, Promoting Student Growth with the Acclerator Model to be facilitated by Jim Morgan on November 29. FREE for Academy members, this is the second of a whole series of semi-synchronous workshops we have planned as a way to to trade tips, ideas, and expertise with each other.

Meet Your Board

Another new site feature is About US, where you can get to know the Academy Board. We're a fun and varied group, bringing a variety of skills, experiences, and quirks to our various roles. Come find out who we are!

Process Education integrates many different educational theories, processes, and tools in emphasizing the continuous development of learning skills through the use of assessment principles in order to produce learner self-development.