June 22-24
California Health Sciences University
Clovis, California



Process Education is about empowering each person to realize that they have unlimited potential. Equity is about the values, intentional efforts and designed programs that colleges have put in place to develop the mindset and abilities for each student, faculty member, and staff person to pursue their self-growth. The 2017 Process Education Conference will explore multiple dimensions of how Process Education and its set of practice and values increase equity in Higher Education. The goal of this year's conference is to enhance equal opportunity for all stakeholders in America to achieve success in Higher Education through Process Education philosophy, principles, and practices. The host institution, California Health Sciences University, has the mission to 'Enhance access to Health Education' which is shared in spirit by the Academy of Process Educators which believes in 'Access and Success for Every Student'.


  1. Provide a model for advancing equity through empowerment of the participants that return home to empower their home institutions to better empower their students for personal/academic/professional success.

  2. Incubate research activities and publications that will propagate research based-practices central to Process Education.
  3. Through the accompanying pre-conference institute, inspire and inform participants how to teach learning to learn and self-growth, especially with the context of Bridge programs, Freshman Year Experience courses, and Recovery courses.
  4. Expand and strengthen the community of Process Educators that want to meet annually at the conference to advance all aspects of Process Education practice and research in their role as facilitators of teaching/learning/scholarship.


The conference will weave together six threads...

  1.  A pre-conference workshop to introduce/review added value of Process Education teaching/learning in a collegiate setting.
  2. Three Symposium sessions where panels will share expertise around classroom-level, institution-level, and national-level equity programs/themes.
  3. Three Keynote sessions where three nationally recognized leaders in the equity movement will share their visions, innovations, and outcomes.
  4. Two Poster sessions where each attendee can share a personal best practice or teaching/learning discovery that is aligned with advancing equity.
  5. Workshop sessions where participants will engage in interactive learning activities that explore and disseminated best practices in teaching/learning aligned with equity enhancement.
  6. Research sessions where participants can better understand and become more engaged in the scholarship behind specific teaching/learning methods and tools aligned with equity enhancement.

Are you interested in presenting at the 2017 conference?

If you'd like to facilitate a workshop or contribute to the poster session, let us know.