June 14-16
Gannon University
Erie, Pennsylvania

The 2018 PE Conference begins in:

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2018 PE Conference: "Generation Z (IGen): The Social Media Generation"

In 2016, we celebrated 25 years of Process Education. The past 25 years brought profound changes in students. Generation X gave way to the Millennials. Now the Millennials are exiting their college years and Generation Z (iGen) is entering. Books are starting to be written about this new generation. What do the observed characteristics of this new generation mean for Process Education? How does Higher Education recognize and use the existence of Facebook, blogs, podcasts, Wikipedia, Fan Fiction, SnapChat, Skype, Smart Phones, online communities, online gaming, along with hundreds of new conventions, resources, and interactive structures? The theme for the 2018 conference will leverage these new opportunities to empower students for better academic success through application of PE principles, but in a way that respects emerging values, different perspectives, and unfolding social fads as well as societal changes. Colleagues are encouraged to forward teaching/learning innovations how we can empower tomorrow’s students, leveraging their strengths as well as their interests and helping them strengthen areas that may be under-developed.


  1. Develop shared understanding of academic risk factors and success factors possessed by typical Generation Z students.

  2. Share innovations for engaging and relating with Millennials and Generation Z in and out of the Classroom.

  3. Explore strategies for integrating Service Learning in course and program design, aligning with an important Generation Z social value.

  4. Incubate research activity about the use and effects of social media in collegiate learning.

  5. Effectively use instructional technology in conference design/delivery, providing a model for deploying synchronous as well as asynchronous learning in our classrooms.


  1. Pre-Conference Institute
    At the request of the host institution, this will be our transformational Teaching Institute that has evolved over the last 20 years and which has been a watershed learning to learn experience for many in the Academy of Process Educators. Based on the number of attendees expected, there will be abundant mentoring opportunities for those who have participated in the past.

    Pre-Conference Institute Registration Costs:

    • Local attendees: $250
    • Conference attendees: $325
    • Non-local, institute-only registration: $500

    This registration includes materials and lunches.

  2. Plenary Sessions

    There will be two Keynote sessions where important GenZ stakeholders will share their visions, innovations, and outcomes. There will be three symposium sessions where panels will share expertise around classroom-level, institution-level, and national-level GenZ programs/themes. There will also be a special town hall session where participants will engage with GenZ students in prioritizing teaching/learning needs for GenZ students.

  3. Hall of Innovation

    On the first day of the conference there will be a poster session where attendee is invited to share a personal best practice or teaching/learning discovery that is aligned with working effectively with Gen Z.

  4. Workshop & Research Sessions

    There will be six break-out blocks where participants can choose from three types of sessions:

    • Practitioner-oriented workshops that explore and disseminate best practices in teaching/learning aligned with new mechanisms of engaging the social media generation
    • Scholarship-oriented workshops that support research on teaching/learning methods and tools aligned with reaching the next generation
    • Paper sessions where participants will summarize a conference paper that they have written to address one of the conference goals as well as engage in follow-up discussion.